January 2, 2017   Beautiful black and white photos of pinball machines taken throughout New Jersey in the last remaining arcades by fine art photographer Michael Massaia. Entitled Saudade, the series captures pinball machines manufactured by companies such as Gottlieb, Bally, and Williams. Massaia has been working on this series for almost 10 years and struggled over the years making […]

Saudade: Photos of Analog Pinball Machines by Michael Massaia

  Tom Gramegna and Meg Partridge at the Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA Site of Imogen Cunningham, Seen and Unseen through February 26 Photo by Claire Insalata Poulos, Leica D-Lux Typ 109 I’ve long revered the catalog and always included Imogen Cunningham in my list of the greatest artists of the 20th Century. Along with […]

Imogen Cunningham at the Bowers Museum

Boardwalk envy! Photography | By Alison Nastasi | January 8, 2017 We’ve been big fans of New Jersey-based photographer Michael Massaia’s work for some time now. The artist’s ongoing series featuring vintage games recently caught our eye on Faith is Torment. “I’ve been working on this portfolio for about ten years, and have photographed machines all throughout different arcades in New Jersey,” Massaia told us of […]

Striking Black and White Photos of Vintage Pinball Machines

The legendary photographer on studying for the priesthood, hanging out with Frank Sinatra, and his love of Leica. See The video here:     ‘I look back on my life and I can’t believe I did all those things,’ comments Terry O’Neill, the British photographer who became renowned for his candid shots of musicians including Elton […]

Terry O’Neill: ‘My Life In Pictures’

Home › Interviews › Alternative Process › Interview with Fine Art photographer Michael Massaia Interview with Fine Art photographer Michael Massaia Alternative Process, Architecture, Interviews  17 April 2015  0 Michael Massaia (born in New Jersey, 1978) is a fine art Photographer and Printmaker who has spent the past nine years documenting areas and objects that never extend to far from his front door. Isolation, […]

Interview with Fine Art Photographer Michael Massaia

Congratulations to Bob Dylan, who is the first songwriter to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in response to his creation of poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.  The 75 year old rock icon is the first American to win since 1993.   Baron Wolman Bob Dylan, Slow Train Coming, Live at the […]

Congratulations Bob Dylan!

The digital camera has revolutionized photography, but when it comes to printing a photo, older methods are still best. In a studio in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis, 86-year-old Cy DeCosse stood over a large case filled with prints, turning through the images. “Weeds have their own beauty,” he mused. “They don’t get the love […]

DeCosse’s Photos Are Golden, But His Prints Are Platinum

By David Rosenberg   Michael Massaia’s dreamy black-and-white photographs of Central Park speak to his aesthetic of isolation and detachment. Landscapes like these can look hauntingly beautiful, but it’s tricky to create the same feeling using human subjects. For the past decade, Massaia has worked on a series with a focus on people, also taken […]

Michael Massaia Dreamy or Voyeuristic

Toddler laughter from far and colorful toys, games for children photographed by Michael Massaia are of a scary appearance. Representative those strange architectures scattered along the Jersey shore, captured during the off season and revealed using print palladium, these cliches entitled “Jungle Gym” exacerbate curves and organic shapes playgrounds. Take a step back and realize […]

Scary Playgrounds

Michael Massaia has always been fascinated by the similarities between movement of the sky and the movement of the ocean, such as the pull of tides and the pull of the atmosphere.  In his new portfolio title The Pull: Inverted Seascapes he has simply printed the images the way they appear on the ground glass of his […]

Michael Massaia The Pull