By David Rosenberg   Michael Massaia’s dreamy black-and-white photographs of Central Park speak to his aesthetic of isolation and detachment. Landscapes like these can look hauntingly beautiful, but it’s tricky to create the same feeling using human subjects. For the past decade, Massaia has worked on a series with a focus on people, also taken […]

Michael Massaia Dreamy or Voyeuristic

Toddler laughter from far and colorful toys, games for children photographed by Michael Massaia are of a scary appearance. Representative those strange architectures scattered along the Jersey shore, captured during the off season and revealed using print palladium, these cliches entitled “Jungle Gym” exacerbate curves and organic shapes playgrounds. Take a step back and realize […]

Scary Playgrounds

Michael Massaia has always been fascinated by the similarities between movement of the sky and the movement of the ocean, such as the pull of tides and the pull of the atmosphere.  In his new portfolio title The Pull: Inverted Seascapes he has simply printed the images the way they appear on the ground glass of his […]

Michael Massaia The Pull

We are pleased to announce that the Galley has recently acquired of a sublime piece of photographic history by Ansel Adams.  Aspens, Northern New Mexico, 1958 is a 16×20 toned silver gelatin print made in 1969 and purchased from the legendary Witkin Gallery that same year. This particularly exemplary print has rarely been shown and though it’s […]

Ansel Adams “Aspens, Northern New Mexico”

By PAUL STOKESMAY 5, 2016 The farm gate onto Levon Helm and co’s ’60s rural retreat is swung open by a new exhibition of photographs taken by Elliott Landy, a frequent visual chronicler of The Band and Bob Dylan. Staged by the Proud Camden gallery between June 9 and July 24, The Band Photographs 1968-1969 […]

At Home With The Band: Elliott Landy

New Jersey artist Michael Massaia’s masticated sculptures of sea creatures, flamenco dancers and space helmets are made entirely from spat-out gum. Generally seen as an ordinary bit of confectionary or, if you’ve stepped on some, a social menace, bubblegum is a sculptural medium for Michael Massaia.  The New Jersey artist’s mini-sculptures range from anatomical organs, […]

Chew On This: Mini Masterpieces of Bubblegum Art – in ...

The Associated Press WOODSTOCK, N.Y. A photographer who captured now-iconic images of the 1960s rock music scene has a new book of photos of one of the era’s most influential bands. Elliott Landy was the official photographer for the 1969 Woodstock concert in Sullivan County and took photos of some of rock’s biggest names, including […]

1969 Woodstock Photographer Publishes New Book Of Photos

January 28, 2016 Photography News   Born 99 years ago today, on 28 January 1917, William Paul Gottlieb was both a notable jazz journalist and a self-taught photographer who captured the personalities of jazz musicians and told their stories with his camera and typewriter. His images document the jazz scene in New York City and […]

Remembering Jazz Photographer William Gottlieb

Jason Jose: February 1, 2016 Fascinating what you can do with a single piece of chewed gum as in this new work by fine art photographer Michael Massaia that continues his Transmogrify series. The chewed gum take on shapes resembling anatomical organs such as hearts and intestines to abstract forms. He states: All of the images […]

Transmogrify 2: Chewed Gum Sculptures by Michael Massaia

The Creators Project By Gabrielle Bruney — Feb 6 2016 Abstraction #1. All images courtesy of the artist Chewed gum is an irritant mostly found on the bottoms of shoes and the undersides of tables. But through the lens of printmaker and photographer Michael Massaia, chewed gum is a beautiful medium for semi-abstracted sculpture. “All of […]

Bubblegum Sculptures Become Sea Monsters and Organ Tissue