Michael Massaia’s “Afterlife” in Huffinton Post’s Top Fine Art Photographs of 2013

Check out The Huffington Post’s article “2013’s Most Striking Fine Art Photography”.

Michael Massaia’s “Afterlife” is one of five images selected as standouts from this year.

We are thrilled to add the influential Huffington Post to the chorus of voices catching on to the exceptional work of Michael Massaia.

Casino pier post hurricane

For the past five years, Gallery 270, our prescient collectors, and appreciators of fine art photography have been privileged  to observe the growth and development of Michael Massaia’s work. Other artist have taken lifetimes to achieve the quality, coherence, and ingenuity that Michael has achieved in five short years. Those unaware of his “one man band” analog approach might incorrectly assume he shoots and processes digitally. The idea of one photographer creating such quality and quantity using only a wide view camera and film is staggering. But Michael’s talent and patience has allowed him to exceed all expectations of what a photographer can create. Painstakingly processing images using selenium or gold toned silver gelatin and platinum/palladium makes the process of creating these images as artistic as the images themselves.

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