Monalog Collective Artist Profile – Ed Eckstein

Ed Eckstein – When Horses Fly

Photographic truth is very malleable, I find that both the image maker and viewer are in possession of a medium that can significantly alter the way we view the world and process the information it contains. All of this leads me to my interest in the capture of the non-fiction image, distilled from visual encounters with humanity and place. The camera is my tool, selected to understand life and communicating the result to others.

In my approach to work about the human condition I shy away from the aspect of photographic coverage and tend to be involved in photographic dis-coverage. It seems to me the paradox of life as well in photography is to go out and seek things which you never expected.

I like to think of my work as imagery that prevents truth decay and represents honest non-manipulated photographs.

To view this artists images, along with the full Monalog show – Visit Gallery 270

Here’s our discussion with Michael Marks and Tom Gramegna discussing Ed’s work during our recent webinar with the Monalog Collective. The entire webinar is available here.

The full Monalog Collective Webinar featuring all the artists can be watched here.

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