Mark Reeves: Faces in the Crowd

Mark Reeves: Faces in the Crowd

Gallery Opening

Mark Reeves Gallery Opening

Thursday, March 28th 2024 · 7 – 9pm

Gallery 270 – 270 Westwood Ave, Westwood NJ 07675

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Mark Reeves: Faces in the Crowd

Gallery Show Opening at Gallery 270

Thursday, March 28th, 7:00 – 9:00pm at Gallery 270, 270 Westwood, Ave, Westwood, NJ

Join us for an exciting in-person gallery opening on Thursday March 28th. Gallery 270 welcomes all for opening night of Mark Reeves: Faces in the Crowd. We hope to see you there!

Join us in introducing the newest member of the Gallery 270 family, Mark Reeves. Mark has spent decades honing his craft, and his images show it.

Taking just a cursory view of Mark’s images, all taken over the last 30 years, one could quickly classify the imagery as “street photography ”. There’s so much clever “street” work that’s been published and praised regularly throughout contemporary media, but it’s filled with coldness and detachment. The diametric opposite is front and center in this masterfully selected grouping, each image reinforces the previous image and then informs the next one. Mark’s beautifully composed photographs engage the eye and in every case pull strongly at your heart, demanding your engagement with the individual[s] pictured. This isn’t the work of a photographer who keeps a safe distance. This is rather who’s earned the subject’s trust through rapport with them. What emerges as one walks through the show, and what becomes overwhelming with a completed viewing is another distinct portrait; that of the humanist photographer with a severely empathic heart of understanding whose meticulous prints are a testament to honoring those often misunderstood “faces in the crowd”.”

Please join us on Thursday, March 28th as we introduce “faces in the crowd” at Gallery 270.

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