2000: New Images

For Brian’s second show at Gallery 270, the artist continues with his evolving and ever sophisticated take on large format landscape photography. Traveling in Norway, Italy and Greece, as well as the USA, Brian seeks out the most magically beautiful places to visit and photograph. He carefully researches the locations so that they are at their optimal in terms of season, and will wait until the perfect light and weather conditions manifest. He is our witness to that transcendental moment, which sometimes is quite fleeting indeed.

Look at “Oksen, Norway” and behold the magnificent light beam from above. It lasted only a few short seconds. Brian was there to witness that special moment for us. The gorgeous photograph is evidence that perfection does exist, if only briefly. The perfection only started with the actual shutter click. If one goes to the places that Brian depicts, you might be disappointed to see the reality. ”Perfection” only happens due to Brian’s technical virtuosity in the darkroom . His work always rewards the viewer who spends time drinking in the rich details. What was there as Brian clicked the shutter? What is his sole creation? Is that water, snow, ice or dry land? His photographs continue to unfold as time is spent with them. The hallmark of a Kosoff image is that they continue to dazzle and satisfy the mind’s and eyes’ quest for beauty.

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