Landscape Retrospective

July 29 – November 1, 2013

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Brian Kosoff’s fourth Gallery 270 opening features the pinnacle of the last decade of his landscape photography. Brian’s photographs feature those rare moments when planet earth is giving a spectacular visual show; typically, he is the only one to record it for our enjoyment and appreciation.

Though the technical skills Brian Kosoff brings to his craft are formidable, his motivation to create photographs is quite simple. “When I see a special moment or quality of light, something that moves me, I want to express it photographically. I want my photo to tell a story, have meaning, or have beauty.” We have visited many of the places Brian has photographed, but have never seen them quite as breathtakingly serene or peaceful as Brian depicts them. His vision and photographic skill bring an delicate quality and mood to the images he’s created. His minimalist, perfectionist’s eyes eliminate any element that might break the beautiful mood he sets. He chooses carefully what we see within the boundaries of the print. “I believe that any element not adding to the design, beauty or meaning detracts from the image and can obscure its expression.” Brian hand prints in the traditional darkroom in selenium toned panoramic silver gelatin prints in four sizes from 11″ wide through 40″ wide.



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