Steichen’s Legacy: The Final Prints By George Tice

February 25th – March 31, 2016

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Featuring Edward Steichen photographs printed by the renowned photographer George Tice. Tice was the last person to print for Steichen in his lifetime. These prints not only remind us of Steichen’s genius but also highlight the formidable quality of printing that is George Tice.  

This collection of iconic works represent the very last prints made from Edward Steichen’s negatives before his widow Joanna donated the Steichen archive to George Eastman House.

We are honored to have renowned photographer, Lucie 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Steichen’s last printer, George Tice join us for this special evening.  Nearly fifty images demonstrate the range of Steichen’s genius and versatility and showcase Tice’s virtuoso printing skills.



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