George Tice – Lifework Photographs 1953 – 2013

Signed copies: $175

About the book Lifework chronicles the extraordinary career of George Tice, one of the most celebrated American photographers of the modern age. Beginning with his photographs of The Bowery in the early fifties, Tice has used his camera to document the people and places of everyday America that often go overlooked. This beautiful hardbound book contains photographs from all of Tice’s major bodies of work, as well as images that have never been published.

Book Details

  • Introduction by the late Michael Miller
  • Afterword by George Tice
  • Slipcased Hardcover
  • 12 x 12 in
  • 318 quadtone images
  • 384 pages
Pictured above: George Tice Lifework book – $175

Limited Edition Book Details

Above: Limited Edition with print details below

Consisting of 100 numbered editions and 26 lettered editions is housed in a beautiful clamshell case and offers the choice of one of three signed silver gelatin prints, each printed by George Tice. There are 42 of each print, numbered in sequence. Once a particular print is gone, only the remaining prints will be offered. Check with Gallery 270 for information on when a print is about to run out or move to the next tier.

The 3 image choices are shown below – choose 1

“Clothesline” currently in Tier 2

“Waiting Room” currently in Tier 2

Lincoln Motel and Abe’s Disco” currently in Tier 2

As is tradition for numbered series, as the series moves from one level to the next, the price will be increased to reflect the value of scarcity. These tiers are defined for each print as follows:

Tier 1: #1-10: $1,750 – Sold Out

Tier 2: #11-20: $1,950

Tier 3: #21-30: $2,150

Tier 4: #31-40: $2,500

Tier 5: #41-42: $3,000

To order please give the Gallery 270 a call at (201) 358-5076 Books can be paid for securely by PayPal invoice.

Read more about George Tice and view his work here.

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