Michael Massaia: Deep in a Dream, Sheep Meadow, NYC Portfolio

Deep in a Dream is the connected portfolio of Deep in a Dream: Central Park which had it’s beginning in 2006, though the Sheep Meadow images were recently been released in 2014 as a result of new advances in technology.  This grouping stands in stark contrast to the incandescent Central Park landscape portfolio, realized first and deeply revered.  As further evidence of serving an original idea, Massaia is continuing work on a portfolio that might be perceived as antithetical to all his other work. Previously, one could count on the photographs to be taken at night or early morning, be devoid of human presence and to be taken with a large format film camera. While various cameras were used at the start, the use of the medium format Leica S digital camera is what brought the work to its fullest realization with images done this summer.  But the ever present themes of isolation and disconnection are clearly on display in Deep in a Dream: Sheep Meadow.