Nature In Love

October 19, 2015-January 31, 2016

Gallery 270 is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Cy DeCosse featuring work from 9 of his unique portfolios. With a range of photographic processes the works shown include Platinum/Palladium, 3 color Gum Dichromate, and hand pulled photogravures. With a mixed background of an artist and art director Cy has collaborated with many of America’s best photographers. These works are close, intimate portraits, showing ordinary objects in an entirely new light. Things we see everyday such as common flowers, fruits, vegetables, and even weeds are represented as singular important entities floating in a world of their own. Using the platinum process, prints seem more dimensional due to the infinitely tonality that can be achieved between light and dark. Commonly referred to as “the king of prints” Platinum prints can last for a thousand years when done correctly.