Bruce Springsteen – Terry O’Neill – Story Behind the Image

Bruce Springsteen on Sunset Boulevard

Bruce Springsteen, Los Angeles, 1975 by Terry O'Neill
Bruce Springsteen, Los Angeles, 1975: 20×24 silver gelatin print

When Terry O’Neill visited with us for the opening of our show “It Was Fifty Years Ago Today…,” he commented about the prominent placement of his 1975 Bruce Springsteen photograph in our Gallery window. I of course reminded him that he was in New Jersey! He then fondly recounted the story behind the photograph:

Terry was in Los Angeles for another photo shoot and while on a break went out to purchase a copy of the newly released “Born To Run” album. He was walking down Sunset Boulevard, album in hand, when he noticed Bruce himself walking the same sidewalk. Bruce was there to check out the newly installed billboard advertising the “Born To Run” album. Terry initially took some candid shots and then introduced himself and then asked Bruce to pose on the street in front of his first billboard.

View Terry O’Neill’s show at Gallery 270 – “It was 50 Years ago Today

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