The Making of The Rolling Stones SUMO Edition

Recently released by Taschen, The Rolling Stones publication is a intimate collection of photographs, documenting the bands career from past to present.  This video features an interview with book binding specialist Mauro Loce, taking an in depth look at the intricate and hand on approach ,used in the production of the The Rolling Stones SUMO Edition.

This Collectors item measures 50cm x 50cm and comes inside a Clamshell box, while also bearing the signatures of Keith, Ronnie, Charlie and Mick.  Over 500 pages with never before seen photographs, gathered from Photographer’s and Archives around the world.

For more information on purchasing The Rolling Stones SUMO please contact Gallery 270 by phone or email.

View the Making of Rolling Stones (Sumo) Below:

Video by Taschen – The Making of Rolling Stones (Sumo)

Video Transcript: The Making of the Rolling Stones Sumo

Mauro Loce (Book Binding Specialist): Our collaboration with Benedikt Taschen started fifteen years ago, beginning with the now legendary volume, Helmut Newton’s Sumo the first XXL, measuring 50 x 70 cm, produced with the help of unique custom-made industrial machines, especially designed for books of this caliber. The journey with TASCHEN has been fascinating and intense. Over the years we have produced the vast majority of their limited edition XXL books from Helmut Newton, to GOAT and now the Rolling Stones. This is a truly extraordinary volume that required an incredible amount of attention to detail. Its format is 50 x 50 cm and the book comes in its own clamshell box. Each volume was almost entirely handmade, adopting a specific, meticulous production process. In part, we also utilized the machines mentioned earlier, designed specifically for the production of such XXL size volumes. Another crucial step in the production of these books is the application of the signature page, the Rolling Stones band members’ signatures in this case. Naturally, we cannot risk throwing away even a single one of these pages! The signature page is in fact added only once each and every page of each volume has been carefully checked, one by one. All the volumes produced for Benedikt Taschen have been executed in this way and our primary objective has always been to ensure that the production quality is consistently top-notch. Quality is our primary goal! Without witnessing these numerous steps in person it’s hard to appreciate how time-consuming our production process really is and how many different phases are required for a production of this level. All of this is what renders the making of these works of art so very special, all the more so because we’re one of the only companies in the world, if not the only one to produce elaborate works in such significant quantities. Our job really is to dress these printed volumes in tailored, fit-to-measure garments. 

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