Virtual Gallery Opening – Friday October 15 – 7 pm

Monalog Collective: The 21st Century Handmade Print Virtual Gallery Opening + An Evening with the Artists and Tom Gramegna


The 21st Century Handmade Print: Monalog Collective Virtual gallery opening Friday 10/15/21 at 7 pm. Free Registration below.

Join us for an exciting exploration of the work of the twelve artists from Monalog Collective, a group of like-minded stalwart artists who choose to work in “slow” processes of monochrome film photography to express their vision. We’ll discuss the one of a kind works in an amazing variety of vintage / traditional processes such as platinum/palladium, silver gelatin, carbon transfer, tintype, wet plate collodion tintype and ambrotype. 

The artists employ 35mm and medium format rangefinders, medium format SLRs, and a range of wooden view cameras that produce images using 4×5, 8×10, 11×14, 8×20 or 14×17 inch negatives. All use different tools, films, chemistry and papers in the creation of their art, but share a love and unabiding commitment to black and white film and traditional printing processes. In fact, Monalog™, a new word derived from “monochrome” and “analog” was chosen since they don’t employ color film or any digital processes. They deliberately make no judgments about color or digital, but exist to give voice and support the vintage methods and processes they care deeply about to realize their work. 

Gallery 270 was founded with the careful curation of a group of artists [especially those unsung and emerging ones] creating beautiful photographic works that advance the medium through vintage processes while contributing modern sensibilities that add meaning to the enduring history of the medium. Equal importance is given to bring our audience outstanding values in one of a kind handcrafted works. Amazingly for these heady times in the art world, one can own one of these true originals that begin at $500, framing included! 

We are thrilled to present the work of the artists of the Monalog Collective whose goals and Gallery 270’s run perfectly parallel. 

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