Monalog Collective Artist Profile – Jim Fitzgerald

Jim Fitzgerald – Twisted, Elk Shore Acre

My love affair with the trees and the natural world began at a young age. In my youth, family trips to Yosemite, Sequoia and the Oregon Coast helped set me on my artistic path which I follow today.  

Being a west coast photographic artist, I specialize in intimate natural landscapes and the images I create are all produced with my hand built large and ultra large format cameras. Each fine art hand made print is a one-of-a-kind interpretation of the scene I have captured on my large sheet of film. I print my work exclusively in carbon transfer, a process perfected in 1864, allowing me to produce unique relief prints of exceptional depth, tone and archival permanence.  

At present, my works are presented as framed prints and in 2018 I began creating and publishing my own fine press collector edition books and portfolios. These are printed entirely in carbon transfer with both images and text bound into the editions, a first of its kind in book presentation.  

My prints are displayed without glass because I feel that my work is alive and needs to breathe. Furthermore, the archival qualities of my printing process means that nothing in the environment will affect the longevity of the print. Displaying the prints without glass allows the viewer to walk into my work and become one with the scene. Walk around these intimate scenes and see the subtle characteristics of a finely crafted carbon print. 

To view this artists images, along with the full Monalog show – Visit Gallery 270

Learn more about Jim Fitzgerald and his photography by visiting the links below:

Here’s an interview done with Jim by Oregon Public Broadcasting

Here’s our discussion with Jim during our recent webinar with the Monalog Collective. The entire webinar is available here.

The full Monalog Collective Webinar featuring all the artists can be watched here.

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