Monalog Collective Artist Profile – Paul Margolis

Paul Margolis – Lighthouse

I’m a photographer who documents little-known aspects of life that are liable to disappear without a trace if I don’t record them. I work with traditional mechanical cameras, 35mm and 120 formats, using black and white film. I process and print the film myself in a classic darkroom setting to achieve the timeless quality and archival permanence that the medium provides.

While my “beat” remains mostly New York City, I have worked on many projects across the United States and around the world. In the mid to late 1980s I had an opportunity to photograph commercial fishermen who caught shad in the Hudson River for a living. The fish run north to spawn in April and May. Commercial fishing for shad is no longer permitted on the Hudson. My photographs are a documentation of that by-gone era.

To view this artists images, along with the full Monalog show – Visit Gallery 270

Here’s our discussion with Paul during our recent webinar with the Monalog Collective. The entire webinar is available here.

The full Monalog Collective Webinar featuring all the artists can be watched here.

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