Michael Massaia interview – Medium Format Magazine

Gallery 270 is pleased to share Medium Format Magazine’s cover article and in-depth interview with our fascinating artist and thinker Michael Massaia. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy this captivating feature that includes a selection of his breathtaking imagery. We look forward to your thoughts and trust you’ll visit soon and see what can only be felt and experienced standing in front of a Michael Massaia photograph!

Read the entire interview with Michael Massaia
Two of many thoughtful quotes from the interview:
“I’ve never been able to separate printmaking from photography. Neither one makes sense without the other.”

“Perhaps I knew at a young age that things were not going to be as I wanted them to be, and as a result I created a more tolerable world that was probably based on fantasy and unrequited hope.”

You should also make the time to visit the website of Medium Format Magazine – Visit and learn more about Medium Format Magazine here

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