Monalog Artist Interview – Phil McAuliffe

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Jim Fitzgerald is a Large and Ultra Large format photographer, camera
builder, woodworker, educator and book artist currently living in Vancouver
Washington. Jim’s professional career in the stone industry, specialty
cement industry and his work in the restoration industry gave him a
background and love of natural materials and the ability to work with his
hands creatively. Jim’s early interest in photography in the mid seventies
led him on a path that eventually took him to devote all his efforts full time
to his love of the art of photography. Jim’s love of the outdoors at an early
age started with family camping trips to Yosemite, Sequoia and along the
Oregon Coast.

Jim has always been inspired by the works of Adams and Weston, was
mentored by and assisted Per Volquartz in his workshops at various
photographic locations in the Southwest. As a self-educated photographer
Jim has always felt it important to absorb as much visual input as possible
by studying the works of many photographers.
Jim teaches frequent workshops at his home studio and LightBox
Photographic in Astoria Oregon and has given talks at photo associations
and universities in both Oregon and Washington. Jim was recently added
as a co-instructor for the Carbon workshop at the Ansel Adams gallery in

Jim dedicated himself to the carbon transfer process in 2007 and has
since created, designed, printed, bound and in 2018 published his carbon
transfer fine press edition which contains original carbon prints and carbon
transfer text. This groundbreaking book Survivors I, documents the Black
Oaks in Yosemite valley and is his tribute to the Oaks, nature and Yosemite
valley. The carbon transfer process suits itself well to the work Jim creates.
The unique relief, tonal range, depth of the images along with the archival
qualities allow him to make a bold or subtle statement about his love of
the process and natural world around him.

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