Seldom Seen by George Tice

Seldom Seen by George Tice

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None of these one hundred exquisite photographs have been published in any of George Tice’s previous books.  Four of his major themes are represented in this collection: Paterson, Urban Landscapes, Lincoln, and Hometowns.  Most of these images were taken with those volumes in mind but he did not select them for publication for various reasons: space, cost, variants not needed, retrospect, events, time.  The images made from 2008 onward are new.  In fact they all look new to Tice because he printed them only recently for the first time.

We now see images that were locked away in Tice’s files-some for more than forty years-come to life.  With this publication, sumptuously printed in quadtone, Tice’s body of work is enlarged considerably.  There is much to savor in this collection, from the Great Falls of the Passaic River in Paterson, to Tice’s memento mori of the now vanished twin towers of the World Trade Center, to how America honors Lincoln, her greatest president, to Winslow Farm in Fairmount, Indiana where Tice;s idol, the actor James Dean, was raised.  Times have changed, decades have passed, but Tice’s vision remains consistent, understated and masterful.

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Read more about George Tice and view his work here.



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