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Consider giving a gift of fine handcrafted photography from Gallery 270. While one might think choosing such personal gift might be very difficult, Gallery 270 makes it easy to choose a great photograph and/or autographed books by the masters of photography. The simplest option is an unbreakable Gallery 270 gift card in any amount. Many do prefer to give an actual gift; how can you be certain if your choice will resonate with the recipient? First, by having the choice from Gallery 270’s extensive, renowned inventory of the finest handmade photographs, it’s hard to go wrong. Secondly, if you choose images the inventory in stock, your choice can be exchanged for most any photograph from most any known photographer. 

As a full-service photo specialized gallery, we are often able to locate that special, obscure, or rare image you’ve been seeking. We’re especially revered by new and seasoned collectors for sharing our knowledge, understanding and the history and process of photography; all trust our eye for value and curation, for being friendly, honest and market savvy. It would be our pleasure to assist in choosing a special image and welcome you to our family of happy clients acquiring the finest in handcrafted photography. You won’t need the budget of the Getty Museum, with one of a kind, original handmade works starting at $500. 

Contact: 201-871-4113 Monday – Saturday from 10 am – 5 pm

George Tice

Michael Massaia

Phil Mcauliffe

Leonard Freed

Herman Leonard

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